Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Photographs - the sound of these letters are so synonmyous to the words nostalgic. Not often some piece of paper stops the world and brings everything to a point from where you can only travel back in time, live the days that you have lived earlier, smile, cry, fall in love or what ever be it its just a magic which takes you back in time. No one of you can deny the fact that it has taken you by surprise a lot of times.

There are always a bunch of albums
 in all our homes lying in some old cupboards, decorated with dust; just like our memories. When those cupboards are rearranged once in a while these memories come out, now stop reading here and imagine wont you be tempt
ed to look into it. I bet you will. A slap at the dust and when the first page is turned away and your eyes are on the first photograpgh there comes those memories through those windows and doors, the oxygen you inhale starts getting older, the clocks in the wall starts running back in time.

Slowly you forget what you were doing earlier, spread those albums on the floor and start looking at it one by one, as they pass by you call up on who ever is near if they are not in the photgraph then starts the introduction phase the memories that were frozen in time gets unveiled. The smiles, tears, dialogues everything starts rolling out from the curves in your brain. You start filling others with your memories, some sweet, some sour, some interesting, some confusing come what may memories are always great.

Time can be never be stopped ever until the clock stops working. But if there is something in technology that can take you back in time and make you feel the way you felt when time was frozen long back I would call it the best of human innovation to have happened ever, I hope you agree too.
Seems there are lot of old albums in your cupboards filled with dust and memories, itching to go  back in time, ME TOO. Sweet memories


Senthi said...

karthik i wish to have a time machine..ni soonathukaprom than thonuthu we can pause la ...unmandaiku mattu yepudra mapla ipdilam thonuthu ;) gud one buddy ..keep penning

Kishore G said...

Hey Karthik,

This is my first visit to your blog. I mean I could just recollect the old saying - Art is long, Life is short". Photographs are a form of art, where in we go back and refresh our memories. The printed copies of the photographs are still more powerful than the digital way we have it in our PCs.

I guess the future generation, will not have such an experience to dust out the albums from a cupboard and travel back. Instead they should surf through the picasa and the orkut profiles.. :)

Its a nice read!